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  • Sharon

New Beginnings

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Upon completion of yoga teacher training, I felt a mix of emotions: excitement, elation, a bit of sadness that the training had come to an end, and pride in the accomplishment of becoming a teacher. Each graduate spoke at our ceremony at the yoga studio that had become a second home to all of us. The teachers had created a beautiful and intimate setting for our ritual, complete with candles, speeches, and joyful tears. I spoke about how grateful I was to have had the opportunity to deepen my practice, and how when we started, our cohort was a group of strangers and now we are a close-knit community of teachers and leaders. I spoke of being inspired by my teachers and fellow students, and taking what has resonated with me to my future students. I talked about how yoga is a gift that I have been given that I want to share with others.


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