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I believe in the power of yoga: the power to heal, to inspire, to love, to connect, to experience bliss, to access serenity.  

I believe yoga can change the world – one practitioner at a time.  Yoga can build physical and mental resilience.  One person’s yoga practice impacts many people as the benefits have a ripple effect. I believe yoga should be accessible to all. 

I strive to meet students where they are and tailor my classes accordingly.

I offer both group and private lessons.  

Join me to release your tension, stretch gently, and relax deeply.

Yoga: Friday mornings at 10 

Meditation: Friday mornings at 11:15, and
Wednesday evening series at 7:30 PM - Next series starts 3/4/20

Details below

Register by email: sharonlewisyoga@gmail.com



8-week Meditation Series

During this series, participants form a safe space/community in which to meditate and learn from each other.
We’ll cover: mindfulness exercises to keep us in the present moment, and accessible techniques to reduce anxiety and stress.  You'll have tools and knowledge to apply what you learn in class right away.  This series will help you cultivate gratitude, compassion, and mindfulness in your day-to-day life.

Classes will meet on Wednesday evenings from 7:30-8:30 PM at the Yoga Garden (82 Prospect Street, at St. Bart’s Church, White Plains) January 8 through Feb 26.  Cost = $160 for the series, due in full upon sign up.   Chairs will be provided. 


Friday Meditation 
Practicing meditation in a group setting can be a powerful experience!  We’ll explore different methods of guided meditation and take part in mindfulness exercises to help you be more present.  This 45-minute class meets Friday mornings at 11:15.  This class can be purchased at a reduced rate of $18 per class when you sign up for a month of classes in advance or $20 as a drop in.  Bundle with Friday morning yoga (10-11:15 - see below) and pay just $15 for each meditation class when purchased in advance.

For more information or to register, email sharonlewisyoga@gmail.com

What participants are saying:

“This class was exactly the push I needed to be able to start my own meditation practice that I feel confident I can sustain now. I have been wanting to use meditation in my life for many years, but could not figure out how to get started. Joining a group which was supportive, informative, and held me accountable was a very easy way to begin. The topics that were discussed in class were exactly things that I have been wanting to bring more mindfulness to, and I was grateful to have access to so many resources that could get me started on that. I would highly recommend this class to anyone of any meditation level.”

“This course provides a wealth of information and discussion on the types, purpose, and various ways to integrate meditation and mindfulness into everyday life.  Sharon’s calm, supportive direction creates an open, non-judgmental space to examine your current patterns, practice meditation together, and establish a plan for your home meditative practice.  She provides extensive, in-depth readings to supplement class discussions on a wealth of topics including gratitude, mindful eating, mindful parenting, the science supporting the efficacy and many benefits of meditation, and more.  Enjoyable, inspiring, motivational course!”


Gentle Yoga

Join me to release your tension, stretch gently, massage sore and tight spots through your yoga practice, and be guided into deep relaxation.  

Friday mornings 10:00-11:15 at the Yoga Garden at St. Bart's Church in White Plains.  A 45-minute meditation class follows from 11:15-12:00.  You can sign up for a month of yoga classes in advance for $20 per class (can be pro-rated) or pay $21 as a drop-in.

To register, email sharonlewisyoga@gmail.com 





Straight from the Source


Sharon came to my house and helped me set up a meditation space.  I really appreciated her non-judgmental approach and willingness to help clear what wasn’t necessary out of the way – that made it both a physical and symbolic clearing of the space to practice. Having her assess my space and make suggestions was really helpful.  I have a prior knowledge of meditation, but I didn’t have the experience of actually practicing in my space. This is an extremely valuable service. After setting up the space, having Sharon practice with me in that space was such a positive experience. I feel like I can really visualize the experience and revisit that when I am alone and practicing. Sharon’s voice and instruction were helpful during the guided segments.



-Paula Ram

Sharon teaches with a wonderful combination of compassion and intelligence. Her passion for yoga is conveyed through her natural ease of guiding others in mindful practices, and in her appreciation of each person's own experiences. Her yoga classes will leave you feeling like you've nurtured your mind and body with a deep sense of calm and gratitude.

-Caroline Spelman

I got so much out of Sharon’s meditation course! She covered a lot of material each week, sharing her knowledge and expertise in a way that was gentle and non-judgmental. Her ability to connect with people/make them feel accepted, coupled with the small group size, meant that Sharon was really able to meet me where I was. With patience and sensitivity, Sharon offered me a safe space in which to create a meditation practice that works for me. She was instrumental in helping to identify ways in which I practice the meditation principles in my daily life and offered outside resources (i.e. literature) to deepen my understanding. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to take Sharon’s course and recommend it to both beginners and veterans alike!

-Vanessa Kerchner


I am a certified yoga and meditation teacher based in Westchester County, NY.  I've studied yoga for more than 20 years, and obtained my 200-hour yoga teacher training with Patty Holmes (The Yoga Garden, White Plains) and Susan Wright (Birth of Venus Yoga, Mamaroneck).  

In addition to being an avid practitioner and teacher of yoga, I have studied meditation techniques with Dee Yergo (Prana Yoga and Meditation, Port Chester) and trained in MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction), a method designed to enable participants to access and cultivate their natural capacity for self-care, as well as greater balance, ease and peace of mind.

I first became acquainted with the practice of yoga in high school and found it a welcome refuge from the stress of multiple moves and a highly competitive atmosphere. 

After a short hiatus, I came back to yoga after college, taking classes through the local continuing ed program.  I later discovered Kripalu-style yoga, and was inspired to deepen my practice.  I studied yoga through two pregnancies and beyond at Full Circle Family Care (with Beth Gibney-Boulden). 

I strive to make the practice of yoga accessible to all.  I am especially interested in bringing yoga and meditation to overwhelmed parents, energetic children, caregivers/health care professionals, and people with physical limitations.

Prior to becoming a yoga and meditation teacher, I worked in public relations/communications for nonprofits, foundations, and higher education, including as the communications director for the College of Health Professions at Pace University.